Supporting meaningful engagement with citizens and stakeholders

Achieved through innovations that deliver quality online consultations and deep insights into public opinion.

Are you looking to

Concult your community on a Local Plan
Engage your community through 
consultations or a survey
Design an engagement process
Understand public opinion on a specific issue

Our Products

Discover our cloud based, research and consultation focussed products to see how they can help you gain valuable insights.


A consultation platform focused on quality interaction and feedback. Powered by interactive maps, accessible documents, visualisations & open data. Ideal for all organisations that need to consult, also internally with staff and stakeholders.


A cloud-based platform with research services for discovering deep insights and perspectives underlying the range of opinion on your issue or question. Ideal for business HR, advertising & marketing, local authorities, governments & smart cities.

Our Clients

The best and most productive relationships are synergistic and goal-oriented, and a long-term relationship has the value add of deep-rooted industry and company knowledge and relationships.