"Consultation expertise in Local Plans"

Our expertise from working closely with planning departments in platform design can be seen in some of the features below

Structured Feedback

Citizens can input their comments per chapter with any attachments of their choice. They can go back and forth to the original text to remind themselves of the policy. 

Structured Representation

The representation form allows for all feedback to be captured in the required structure, in an easy-to-use manner.

Interactive Maps

Interactive maps allow users to draw polygons indicating their area of interest and submit with their feedback. There is a full integration with ArcGIS online.

Visualise results

Planners can easily code and report on the results of the consultation. A dashboard is also available to give citizens a visual representation of the submissions that have come in.

We use CiviQ’s OpenConsult Consultation Portal for all our planning consultations in Kilkenny County Council, and are very happy with it. It’s straightforward to use, both to upload a new consultation and to moderate any open consultations. We really welcome the contribution it has made to the transparency of the plan-making process; all submissions are now made available so everyone can see what everyone else is saying.


Caitriona O’Sullivan
Senior Planning Executive, Kilkenny County Council