Consultations et questionnaires en ligne


Format pour un engagement au quotidient avec des aides visuelles et des questionnaires faciles a créer. Voici quelques exemples.


CiviQ’s online consultation portal is helping Connexus to deliver their open, ambitious and inclusive customer engagement programme for even better services and policies. The online portal gives customers the opportunity to have a say about Connexus Services and has a real impact on how they shape their services. Having previously used just survey and focus groups, they needed a more joined up approach and one that allowed customers from the traditional offline methods as well. Since consulting using the CiviQ platform they have experienced a 117% jump in feedback received and they now have a wider audience and a more diverse group involved. Connexus are receiving feedback from younger and older people who wouldn’t have traditionally given feedback before.

National Transport Authority, Cycle Connects

CiviQ created an interactive consultation for the National Transport Authority’s (NTA) Cycle Connects project. An easy-to-click-through interactive map of Ireland, allows the public to see county-level proposals for cycling links in key cities, towns and villages and make submissions on each proposal. This makes granular details of the proposal easily accessible, such as each county’s cycle network, urban cycle networks, connections between the larger towns, villages and settlements. The NTA were able to collect a broad base of feedback on each county’s proposal all in the one place.

Kildare - Celbridge Town Renewal Plan

Kildare County Council and Celbridge’s citizens were able to increase engagement using CiviQ’s visual slides-based feature for its public consultation on the Celbridge Town Renewal Plan. The public could swipe through images, videos and maps demonstrating the proposals for the town. The large number of submissions could be seen in a window next to each slide, creating a transparent conversation around the proposals.


La ville et le conté de Limerick utilisent OpenConsult pour toutes leur concertations et consultations.

Ils utilisent aussi régulierement des questionnaires comme cee exemple ou ils demandent aux personnes agees de donner leur avis sur leur qualite de vie.

La ville et le conté de Limerick ont utilise les reponses de ce questionnaire pour developper leur strategy 2023-2027.

Thanks to CiviQ’s online platform – we are hearing voices that we hadn’t before, we now have a wider audience’