Who We Are

We have an international team with deep technical and research skills that drive strong and continuous co-innovation partnership with clients. Whether you are interested in new methods for decision-making, including seldom heard voices, or other challenges that advance your mission of engagement, we will work with you to emerge a high-impact approach.

Our mission

CiviQ’s mission is to transform public engagement towards quality consultation and advanced understanding of the nuance and shared perspectives in public opinion.

CiviQ has experience with international research consortia on public participation for the European Commission. 
We regularly publish in international journals on public engagement, deliberation and public opinion.

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About CiviQ

CiviQ has been working with local authorities, government departments, public, semi-state and private organisations in Ireland since 2015 and 2016 in the UK. We are based in Kildare, Ireland and have a wide range of experience in all types of online public consultations as well as expertise in managing consultations and innovating in new approaches to understanding public opinion.

CiviQ started in 2012 with research into how public engagement in Ireland could be more inclusive and deliberative. The Founders published a paper published in the international journal Policy and Internet: ‘Bridging Normative Democratic Theory and Internet Technologies: A Proposal for Scaling Citizen Policy Deliberations’(2013) where the SOWIT model was outlined (Social Web for Inclusive and Transparent Democracy). CiviQ was set up to deliver this inclusive model of which OpenConsult is the first part of the broader deliberative innovation framework.

The key aims of OpenConsult are to build community connection around consultations in a way that promotes knowledge sharing, a positive experience, and a means to stay engaged and up-to-date on current and future issues for public engagement. To this end, OpenConsult is built on an open data framework, with a broad set of communication and notification features. Our reporting methods focus on the ability to demonstrate to communities that their input was heard and considered during the engagement process with templates for such reporting, and individualized reports per respondent also provided.

Bridging Normative Democratic Theory and Internet Technologies: A Proposal for Scaling Citizen Policy Deliberations

Published in 2013

Digital humanities and political innovation: the SOWIT model

Published in 2013

The Problematic of Participation: Back to the Future

Published in 2014

A Case for a Deliberative Link in the Representation Process: From Congruence to Resonance

Published in 2017

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